BREAKFAST:  Coffee. 1 cup Milstone Hazelnut Cream. Never use sugar or cream……love the pure flavor of any coffee!

I rarely eat in the AM. I have always been this way…..feel fine and am healthy. ADVICE? Listen to your body.

LUNCH: Curry Cashew Pita Sandwiches.  Tossed unsalted cashews in a pan with curry powder and some of my dried scotch bonnet peppers from the summer ’09 garden harvest. Roasted for 2-3 minutes, stirring regularly. Meanwhile, cut two mini wheat pita pockets in half, spread a tad of Veganaise on each half followed by a slice of tomato, and topped this off with alfalfa sprouts. Lightly sprinkled Murray River salt on the sprouts. Added toasted Cashews and topped off sandwich with Pita slice to create an unusual yet tasty sandwich!

AFTERNOON SNACK: Lotus Foods Forbidden Rice with Spinach. Used a cup or so of leftover rice (Forbidden Rice is nutty in flavor and deep purple in color). Heated in a saucepan on low….meanwhile was steaming fresh Spinach…approximately 1 cup raw. After a couple of minutes, drained the spinach and added this to the rice with a dash of Gomasio with Garlic.  Nice midday snack.

DINNER: Turkey Tacos at my brother’s house! Two wonderful tacos with all the fixings: cheese, hot sauce, sour cream, lettuce, onions….and of course – we still have hot peppers from the summer garden to add the extra HOT kick!

LATE SNACK: Sprouted Flax Seeds , Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds, Sprouted Sesame seeds andsea salt – chips. Working on a homemade new dish. Once completed and satisfied, will share the recipe and results!