Breakfast: Nada…again. Not even coffee today! Water, always…day and night – straight from the tap.

Lunch: 1/2 Whole Wheat Pita pocket with a tad of butter. Whole Foods Organic Refried Beans with Chili and Lime (added diced Scotch Bonnet pepper left over from the evening before!)…..about 1/2 cup beans. Also had about 1/2 cup of soft Nori Tofu with Aloha Shoya (soy sauce) and sesame oil to taste.

Snack: 1 whole Florida grapefruit from my brother’s house in Naples (brought back to Cleveland in early December, btw!). Sprinkled with sugar, of course!

Dinner: Shredded Carrot and Cabbage, with added Rice Vinegar Dressing.  Homemade Pita Pizza. Shredded two carrots and 1/4 small  head of cabbage. In a bowl, added  1/4 cup Rice Wine vinegar,  1 tsp, sugar, dash of  Ponzu Sudachi Sauce, dash of Sesame Oil, salt and pepper to taste.  For the Pizza, flattened mini Pita Pocket with my hands. Rubbed the top with a bit of olive oil. I then placed two diced sundried tomatoes from my summer harvest on the pita, a couple of diced black olives, and added Rawmusan topping, chili flakes, and pepper. Placed under broiler for a few minutes….voila! Ate with a side of olive oil for dipping, along with dried hot peppers (again from my garden of 09!).

Snack: Flax chips that I made last evening. A recipe in progress!!!