Today started out with a trip to the Justice Center for jury duty.  After several hours of waiting, the judge informed us that the defendant plead guilty and our service was complete.  On one hand I felt a bit relieved, on the other was rather curious and a tad disappointed.  As I sat there waiting, I could not help but appreciate the US judicial system.  I feel lucky to be an American citizen, for sure!  Well, home and hungry for lunch…..I felt like soup! Here is today’s menu!

Breakfast: really bad coffee at the courthouse – two small cups and then three small cups of water.

Lunch: my version of Pho. I had frozen homemade beef broth which I defrosted in a pan on low. I added a small amount of  pureed lemon grass (1 tsp) to the pan and a dash of cinnamon, brought to a boil, and added rice noodles. Meanwhile I had sliced several thin pieces of  beef top round, sprinkled with garlic powder and added a tbsp of Aloha Shoyu.  Once the noodles were cooked, I added the soup to a large bowl, stirred in the sliced beef, and topped the mixture off with fresh bean sprouts and one green onion. I love fresh lime in my Pho, so squeezed a generous amount in the soup. So good and great on a freezing cold day!

Dinner: Indonesian Laksa. Sometimes it is easier to use a flavoring packet rather than trying to mix the spices on your own.  In this case. Indofood makes a great Laksa mix, and can be found at most asian markets.  I first simmered one chicken breast in two cups of water until tender. Once done, I shredded the chicken and placed in a serving bowl along with one chopped sliced hard-boiled egg, bean sprouts, and a few mint leaves. To the water that the chicken was cooked in, I added the Laksa packet and rice noodles (yes, had these with my Pho today! I happen to love them).  Add more water as needed and simmer on medium heat. I then poured this over the shredded chicken mixture, mixed well, and ate with a smile.

Snack: sliced whole grain bread….two pieces with butter. Also enjoyed “atomic beef jerky” from a farmer’s market in Naples, Fl.   Enjoyed several glasses of water with lemon juice added. Note to self: need to eat more fruits and veggies tomorrow!