Not an exciting day….until I find out that dinner is at my daughter’s house!!!  I have not seen her in almost a month, and am really looking forward to it.

Breakfast:  Nescafe instant coffee. Not great but not wanting to deal with my coffee maker! I follow this up with at least two glasses of water.  I just love water – straight from the tap!

Lunch:  Wilted Spinach and Ohio Sweet Corn with Forbidden Rice. Wilted some spinach quickly in a pan with a tad of water….meanwhile steamed frozen Ohio sweet corn from the summer.  Mixed the two together and added to steamed rice. A bit of salted butter and good to go!

Snack:  an organic banana and a slice of 12 grain bread.  I had to slice up a hot pepper (scotch bonnet, of course!)  and had it on the side. Hot but good!

Dinner:  Marinated pork tenderloin, sautéed zucchini and onions, and quinoa.  Appetizers of Brie cheese, guacamole, and refried bean dip.  My daughter made a great pork tenderloin. So yummy!  She also had sautéed onions and zucchini. Great side dish!  She is the zucchini queen, trust me on this 🙂 Quinoa rounded out the meal. I added butter to mine, as I do like butter! Appetizers included guacamole made with a fresh Florida avocado. I simply mashed the avocado with diced jalapeno, sun-dried tomato, chopped cilantro, a little bit of cream cheese, Ponzu Sudachi Marinade and onion powder. Also had as a dip Whole Foods Refried Beans mashed with cream cheese and Gator Hammock Hot Sauce.  My daughter provided 1000 Layer Crackers from Trader Joe’s , as I had no chips. Very good and highly recommend!!!  A nice evening all around!!!