Breakfast:  2 cups  of coffee (again no sugar or cream). Followed up with what else but water!

Lunch:  Tofu with Sesame and Aloha Shoyu.  Yesterday evening I experimented and made tofu with fresh soy milk.  A first for me and quite fun! I used lemon juice as a coagulant so it was very soft (yet oh so good). The soy milk was newly made and purchased in my local asian market.  So…..for lunch today added sesame oil, Aloha Shoyu, and diced green onion to it. So soft and pleasing. Scrubbed a carrot and enjoyed with a dash of salt.

Snack:  A few slices of Brie leftover from last evening with Sesmark Sesame Seed crackers and a banana.

Dinner:  Chicken Laksa, Chicken Breast, and a Simple Salad  My beau, whom I have not seen in more than a week,  enjoyed leftover chicken Laksa. I panko breaded a chicken breast and liberally sprinkled this with Spontaneous Combustion spice and garlic powder.  Pan fried and fought off tears from the vapors!!!  I also made a very simple salad with iceberg lettuce , chopped cucumber, Florida avocado, Bacon Salt, and a simple vinegar and olive oil dressing .  Nice meal and even better to share it with a special guy.