Breakfast:  Two cups of coffee.

Lunch:  Turkey Stuffed Hungarian Hot Peppers, Refried Beans, Pan Fried potatoes and Scrambled Egg Whites.  I had enough lean ground turkey breast to stuff two Hungarian hot peppers, so to the turkey I added about 2 tbsp shredded sharp cheddar cheese, garlic salt, and ground black pepper. After removing the tops of the peppers and the seeds, I filled with the turkey mixture, placed in a small pan and roasted in a 350 degree oven for 20-25 minutes. Oh yes, topped with a dash of olive oil before placing in oven! While this was cooking, I sliced unused, boiled potatoes from last evening and pan-fried with high heat safflower oil. Added Mrs. Dash as seasoning.  I love Whole Foods Refried Beans, so heated enough for the both of us to enjoy and scrambled 4 egg whites in olive oil. I sprinkled the egg whites with Cyprus Black Lava Salt. We enjoyed our Sunday morning feast!

Dinner: Beef Stew and Homemade Biscuits.  My “in-laws” had us over for dinner, so no cooking for me tonight! The stew was great, the real biscuits even better!

Snack: One Grapefruit and one Banana.

Again, I drank several cups of water throughout the day!