Breakfast:  As usual, coffee and nothing else but water!

Lunch:  Curry Cashew Pita Sandwich (again!) and a Banana.  See my post of 1/10/2010.  The only change I made was that I was out of Veganaise, so I used Labna Middle Eastern Yogurt.

Dinner:  Turkey Chili, Marinated Cucumbers, and Peanut Butter Stuffed Jalapeno appetizers.  Browned 3/4 lb. lean ground turkey meat and drained off the fat (very little, btw).  I added one small diced onion to the pan and cooked for a couple of minutes.  Tossed in one diced large tomato and two smashed garlic cloves.  Earlier in the day I had cooked two cups of pinto beans – which had been soaked overnight – until tender.  I added these to the pan along with a cup or so of water. My next happy addition?  Two chopped, frozen scotch bonnet peppers and sea salt and pepper.  Simmered on low for an hour or so, adding water and stirring as needed.  As the chili cooked,  I sliced one cucumber and tossed with Labna Yogurt, lemon juice, onion salt and pepper. Thinned the sauce with a tad of milk.  Oh yes, the appetizer was ready! I had taken 4 jalapeno and removed the tops and seeds.  I stuffed the peppers with a mixture of peanut butter,  a small amount of raspberry jelly, and Bacon Salt.  Wrapped in foil and baked in a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes.  Hot, smooth, and just darn good!!!  Dinner was a success and definitely hot!. The cucs helped cool us off 🙂

Snack: Glenn is enjoying his popcorn.  Me? A glass of wine and watching The Bachelor.  My niece is on the show tonight!!!