Breakfast:  1 cup coffee.

Lunch:  Smoked Cheese and French Bread with Cyprus Black Lava Salt.  Busy morning and afternoon, so only had time for a few chunks of cheese and some French Bread….on the side had a little bowl of Cyprus Black Lava Salt which I sprinkled on the cheese and bread. A nice savory crunch!

Dinner:  Tom Ka Gai and Thai Fried Rice with Chicken.  We had a busy day over at the kitchen making brittle…so we decided to eat out at a  local restaurant, Gourmet Garden.  My Tom Ka Gai (extra spicy, of course!) was really great. Their Thai rice with chicken was light, fluffy and had the perfect mix of spices.  We were all quite pleased and enjoyed the oranges and fortune cookies that came as dessert.  My fortune?  “Your lost possession will be found this month”.  Not sure what I am missing but curious to find out!