Breakfast: 1/2 cup coffee and 1/2 grapefruit juice, hand-squeezed.

Lunch: Open-Faced English Mushroom Egg Sandwich with Cheddar Cheese and Fakin’ Bacon.  I had hard-boiled two eggs earlier in the morning, peeled and chopped. I added about 1 tbsp.  to the eggs and a dash of Bacon Salt.  For lunch, I toasted English muffins until lightly browned, topped with some of the egg mixture and  a small amount of crumbled cheddar cheese.  Placed this under the broiler for a minute or so.  Meanwhile, I was pan frying in high-heat oil a couple pieces of Fakin’ Bacon until crispy. I then drained the “bacon” on a paper towel.  When the egg/cheese mixture was warmed, I removed from the oven and topped with the bacon strips.  Enjoyed  a piece of sliced avocado on the side sprinkled with Murray River salt.

Dinner: Grouper Filet Tacos and Quinoa.  I was alone tonight, and had driven most of the afternoon…..although tired, was still hungry!  I had picked up grouper, so decided on tacos.  I panko – crusted the filets (after halving lengthwise) and fried in a melted butter – yes butter! While cooking, lightly salted the fish with sea salt and squeezed with lemon juice.  I steamed two flour tacos and placed the a piece of fish in each.  I already had shredded cabbage on hand, so added a handful to both tacos. Topped with a bit more sea salt and a tsp. or so of Sudachi Ponzu.  On the side I had cooked quinoa with butter and sea salt. Nice and tasty!

Snack: Banana