I woke up today thinking of one thing – Glenn’s Wet Burritos!  My wonderful guy makes the best, trust me on this one!!!

Breakfast: The usual cup of coffee.

Lunch: Scrambled Egg White Soft Taco Roll-Ups.  I quickly scrambled two egg whites in a little olive oil and set aside.  I shredded about a tbsp. of cheddar cheese and chopped one green onion while reheating left-over rice.  After quickly warming a flour soft taco, I placed the scrambled egg, cheese, rice, and onion in the shell with enough room to roll.  I enjoyed with some Clancy’s Fancy Hot Sauce.

Snack: I juiced a few carrots and some fresh ginger. This is a favorite!

Dinner: As I mentioned, Glenn made his famous Wet Burritos.  This was a request by my daughter and son-in-law, btw!!!  He uses Morning Star Crumbles as the base of the filling, along with too many good things to mention (onion, tomato, hot peppers, cheese, olives…..).  We enjoyed cheese and crackers, along with Patak’s Chili Relish.  A great time was had by all!!!  Thanks, Glenn.