Breakfast: 2 cups of coffee followed by a glass of water. I think I have mentioned this before….I drink water all day long.

Lunch: Pancakes and Fakin’ Bacon.  I sometimes just want pancakes like mom used to make – Aunt Jemima enjoyed with Ohio maple syrup! I butter mine, too 🙂  I did make a few strips of Fakin’ Bacon, which, if you have not tried, is quite good!

Snack: Sliced Banana on Labna Yogurt, drizzled with Honey and Topped with Flax Snacks.

Dinner: Thai Fresh Spring Rolls and Curry Thai Chicken with Forbidden Rice and Corn.  I had Thai food on the brain today!  For the spring roll appetizers, I marinated a few pieces of stir-fry size chicken pieces in a mixture of soy, honey, and rice vinegar.  Meanwhile, I shredded cabbage and carrots into a bowl and sprinkled Ponzu Sudachi Citrus Marinade over the mixture. I also chopped a small amount of mint and a small amount of cilantro.  I quickly cooked the chicken in a pan until done and allowed it to cool.  For the assembly of the spring rolls, fill a large bowl with warm water and place one rice wrapper in the water until soft. This happens quickly and depends on the wrapper, but anywhere from a few seconds up to 30. Place on a clean surface and add chicken, shredded cabbage/carrot mixture,  and a small amount of mint and cilantro on one end of the wrapper. Carefully wrap and fold in the ends.  Enjoy with dipping sauce….my favorite is Nuoc Mam (which is actually a Vietnamese sauce).  For dinner, I marinated chicken breasts (sliced in thirds) in FlavorMagic’s Thai Red Curry & Basil sheets.  Meanwhile, cooked my favorite rice – Forbidden Rice by Lotus Foods – and took out some summer Ohio sweet corn (off of the cob) that I had frozen. I had a pot of water ready to go, as corn only takes a couple of minutes.  I cooked the chicken in a fry pan with a tad of safflower oil flavored with toasted sesame oil until done. I decided to heat up some coconut milk with crushed thai chilis thrown in (the chilis were from my garden last summer – some dried whole, others crushed).  Poured this over the chicken and served with the rice and corn.  It was a colorful plate, as Forbidden Rice is purple in color!  (yes, Jess, I know, PICTURES :)).