Breakfast: one cup of Coffee.

Lunch: Eggs and Tomato Sauce.  In a skillet, I warmed olive oil over medium heat and added 4 ripe, chopped tomatoes along with some dried oregano, basil, and chopped fresh garlic (to taste).  I cooked this until juices begin to evaporate, about 3 to 5 minutes.  I then broke 5 small eggs into the skillet and cooked until the whites were firm but yolks still runny. I  placed the egg and tomatoes over sliced jalapeño cheddar bread from Boule Bakery (can you tell it is a favorite?) and sprinkled a bit of Cyprus Black Lava Salt and Rawmesan Parmesan Cheese Replacement over top.  So yummy!

Dinner: We had plans with friends and ate at a nice local pub.  I enjoyed a Chicken and Fried Mozzarella Sandwich along with chips.  Good times!

Snack:  a Banana before bed.