Breakfast: 2 cups of coffee with a dash of cinnamon.  Mid-morning I  drank several glasses of water. 

Lunch: Thai Chili Cornbread Muffins.   I am experimenting with a new recipe, so today was a test batch.  I used fine cornmeal, coconut milk, egg, butter, dried thai chilis, curry, baking powder, salt….baked in muffin tins for 20 minutes and enjoyed with butter.  So good!  I think  I have my recipe down and will publish soon! 

Thai Chili Cornbread Muffins


Dinner:  Falafel Pita along with arugula and Avocado Salad.  I had falafel mix left from my pizza, so had a falafel patty cooked and ready to go.  I warmed a wheat pita pocket in the oven at the same time as the falafel, and once ready assembled the pocket with a sauce made of the following – 1 tbsp. Veganaise, 1/2 tbsp. Wholemato Organic Agave Ketchup, and one slice of my homemade dill pickles (from last summer!) chopped.  On the side I had a salad of fresh arugula and sliced avocado, served with Ponzu Sudachi Citrus Marinade and olive oil sprinkled over top.  Dinner was quite nice…simple yet pleasing! 

Snack:  I had two mini Reese’s Pieces and then steamed broccoli with Garlic Gomasio.  Not a big snack nor sweet eater!