Breakfast: 2 cups of water.

Lunch; Scrambled Eggs.  Another busy day, so simply scrambled an egg in olive oil, seasoned it with J&D’s Bacon Salt, toasted a piece of rye bread…..and ate on the go! 

Dinner: Meatloaf Sandwiches.  I took about 1/2 lb lean, mild, Italian sausage and mixed in 1 egg,  2 tbsp grated sweet onion, a tbsp of Lizano Sauce, and a tsp. of crushed hot pepper (not sure exactly what peppers – but know scotch bonnet, jalapeño, and thai chilis – all from last summer’s garden).  I formed three patties the size of an English muffin, placed on the toaster oven pan, and baked at 400 for about 25 minutes.  We had leftover rice, red lentils, and broccoli, so heated this up in a small pan while the patties cooked.  Once the patties were finished, I removed the pan from the toaster oven and placed sliced English mushrooms in their place.  I toasted these, and once done, dinner was ready!  Easy, fast and served with various condiments (Lizano Sauce, Wholemato ketchup mustard, etc.).

Snack: I sprinkled Mrs. Peacock’s Brittle Bits over vanilla yogurt.  Yummy!