Today was one of those days…you know?  The day that needed to pass quickly, but didn’t!  Now in the scheme of things, really nothing to complain about, I know!  Both of us were grumpy, the weather cold, too much to do (and the list goes on and on and on…).  I smile all the time, but had a hard time today.  So unlike me.  I ended the day with a jacuzzi, read a good book, and now tomorrow will be here soon!

Breakfast: 2 1/2 cups coffee.

Lunch: Pita Wrap with Avocado, Alfalfa Sprouts, and Shredded Cheddar Cheese.  Pretty straight forward, although I did add a bit of Veganaise and Eden’s Garlic Gomasio before rolling.

Snack:  Had a taste for an orange.  I need to add more fruit to my diet!  One piece a day is not enough.

Dinner: Homemade Pizza.  I had fresh pizza dough from Whole Foods, and also tomato sauce left from the other night (made fresh last summer and frozen).  I needed to use up leftover tofu crumbles that I had in the freezer, so tossed these in a pan with olive oil, chili flakes, Italian seasoning, and pepper.  Cooked for about 5 minutes and set aside.  I then floured a pizza pan and rolled the dough out.  Next, I topped the dough with  the tomato sauce, a few sweet onion slices, sprinkled on grated mozzarella cheese and a little parmesan, added the tofu crumbles, and finished off half the pizza with pickled jalapeno.  I baked at 475 until edges were lightly browned.  Nice and comforting after a crummy day.