I am ready for the game…..my daughter is in Vegas and placed a bet for me at one of the SB’s!  A whopping 10 dollars, but if it pays off…..fun, fun!

Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee and some flax seed snacks.  A rarity for me to eat before 11 or so but the new recipe I am working on kept calling my name!

Lunch: Cornmeal Mush.  I am a self-proclaimed lover!  I sliced and fried in olive oil until crisp.  I enjoyed with Ohio maple syrup.  Life is good with cornmeal mush in it 🙂

Dinner:  Super Bowl Wings.  We headed to a local sport’s bar (Roosevelt’s) and drank good beer while eating even better wings!  I did order the veggie platter which had nice, crisp vegetables (and a lot of them!).  Fun night despite losing my bet.

Snack: Lots of water!