Breakfast: 1/2 cup coffee with cinnamon and honey.

Lunch: Scrambled Egg White Soft Taco Roll-Up.  This is obviously a favorite, and uses up leftovers (like refried beans from last night!).  I scrambled two egg whites, and heated up a soft taco.  When the eggs finished cooking, I added to the center of the taco along with shredded cheddar cheese, refried beans (heated), a bit of hot sauce along with some fresh chopped Scotch Bonnet pepper.  I rolled and ate while checking email!

Dinner: Cucumbers with Cream Cheese and Watercress, and Quick Caesar Salad.  I simply sliced cucumber and spread a tad of cream cheese on each.  I then topped each with a bit of watercress, and enjoyed as a refreshing appetizer.  I then chopped up some washed romaine lettuce, shredded some parmesan cheese and sprinkled over top, diced avocado and added…..then simply topped with an organic Caesar dressing.  It needed a crunch so added some flax chip crumbles and viola!  Fast and fresh…

Snack: a Banana.  What else??? Also a piece of  Mrs. Peacock’s Brittle!