I have been away for 11 days on a Caribbean cruise (Ruby Princess) and thus, not blogging!  I will follow up in the next few days with some of the food enjoyed, as well as product purchased!  Great trip with family, great food, and great shopping!!! 

Breakfast: 1 cup coffee and lots of water!  It is very dry here in Ohio right now so water is a must, especially after being in a more humid environment the last couple of weeks. 

Lunch: Brown Rice and Squash.  I had soaked rice overnight and then cooked (soaking brings out the best nutrients, btw!).  While the rice was cooking, I removed from the freezer some frozen squash from last summer (cooked Hubbard).  I am a big believer of freezing your favorite summer items for enjoyment over the winter months.  I enjoyed the rice with a dash of sesame oil and Aloha Shoyu, and the squash with some hot sauce from Antigua (Susie’s Hot Sauce) along with a dash of Cyprus Black Lava salt.  

Brown Rice and Squash


Dinner: Panko Encrusted Brown Rice and Squash Cakes, Simmered Tempeh, and Lima Beans.  I used the leftover rice from lunch and mixed it with the squash (enough squash to bind the rice).  I then encrusted with panko bread crumbs and “fried” in safflower oil until crispy and heated through.  Meanwhile, I diced a tbsp of onion and one garlic clove and sautéed with a dash of safflower oil until translucent.  I then added two tbsp Aloha Shoyu and 4 tbsp water along with a few sliced tempeh (Rhapsody Tempeh) and  simmered until all the liquid evaporated.  Meanwhile, I steamed  frozen lima beans from last summer.  I served the tempeh over the rice with a dash of rice vinegar, along with salted lima beans.  Very good!!!! 

Panko Encrusted Brown Rice and Squash Cakes; Tempeh and Lima Beans