Breakfast: 2 cups coffee with honey.   

Lunch: Avocado and Tempeh Wraps.  I love avocado….I love tempeh.  The two go together quite well in a wrap.  Lunch today was sliced tempeh, which I simmered in water, soy, and ponzu until warmed through….placed inside a whole wheat wrap with sliced avocado and gomasio.  Simple – again – but fast, healthy, and easy!!!!   

Dinner: Fried Green Tomato and Spinach Salad with an Eggplant Curry Dressing.  I removed from the freezer a couple of slices of tomatoes breaded in cornmeal.  These were from my 09 summer harvest, btw!  I fried them quickly and placed them on a bed of fresh spinach.  For the dressing, I used a puree of cooked eggplant and curry sauce (again from my 09 bounty – eggplant, curry powder, garlic, onion, chili peppers, oil, lime, salt, pepper).  I sprinkled a flax and pumpkin seed mix over top for crunch!  A nice meal….simple again and very tasty!!  Maybe not the prettiest…but healthy!   

Fried Green Tomatoes and Spinach Salad with an Eggplant and Curry Dressing


Snack: A few Cashews and a Banana.