Breakfast: 2 cups coffee with honey (I go back and forth with cinnamon and honey!).

Lunch:  Scrambled Egg White Wraps.  These are obviously a favorite in our house!  I had various leftovers to add to the eggs in the wrap – avocado, chopped sweet onion, cheddar cheese – so the after heating the tortilla wrap, I added all the above and rolled.  I served with rice (also a leftover) and some great hot sauce from St. Lucia  (  Oh so very good!!! 

Dinner: Omaha Steak Burgers with Blue Cheese and a side of Ohio Sweet Corn.  I had  a few burgers left from my last order from Omaha, so decided tonight was the perfect night!  After cooking with salt and pepper seasoning, I seasoned with a bit of Bacon Salt and topped with blue cheese.  I had some frozen whole wheat buns  which I toasted before serving.  I also still have frozen Ohio sweet corn (easily the best, btw), which I steamed and then buttered lightly and salted with sea salt.  Simply but tasted like summer to me!

Snack:  Glenn’s awesome air-popped popcorn!