Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee with honey. 

Lunch: Rye Toast and Cottage Cheese.  I had a busy afternoon, so just toasted a piece of rye bread, lightly buttered it, and enjoyed with a small bowl of cottage cheese

Snack: a Banana. 

Dinner: Daddy Hinkle’s Chicken with Rice and Asparagus.  If you have never tried Daddy Hinkle’s Marinades, you really should!  I used the Hotter ‘n $700 tonight (not really hot at all, btw!).  I love chicken thighs, which I think are the best deal and have the most flavor of all the chicken parts.  I marinated the chicken while cooking the rice (simple white rice tonight).  The chicken cooked at 400 degrees for 25 minutes, and when almost finished, I steamed the asparagus and lightly buttered and salted.  Dinner was pretty easy, and incredibly tasty!  The rice was enjoyed with the sauce from the chicken pan (I did use hot sauce from Barbados on mine, though!). We had company and they are sold on Daddy Hinkle’s! 

Daddy Hinkle's Chicken with Rice and Asparagus