Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee, followed by lots of water throughout the morning.

Lunch: Grits with Goat Cheese.  I love grits, and I love goat cheese…together the two are amazing!  After cooking the grits (not the quick cook ones), I added just a tad of goat cheese, along with a tiny bit of fresh chopped basil.  I then added a bit of pepper, and lunch was served!

Snack: Steamed Green Beans with a dash of butter and salt.

Dinner: Ham and Swiss Cheese Sandwiches.  Earlier in the day I had picked up some sliced Honeybaked Ham and a good low-fat swiss cheese.  For dinner, a placed some of both inside whole wheat buns with a touch of horseradish mustard, wrapped in foil, and baked.  I sliced cucumbers as a simple side, and dinner was done.  Easy, tasty, and reminded me of being a kid!  My mom would do these with inexpensive, white buns…..and of course Honeybaked Ham (not!).  She would do trays of these in the oven, dump in  a bowl, and yummy!  There are seven of us, and this was a fast easy sandwich which we all loved!!! Thanks, mom!