Breakfast: 1 cup of Coffee with Honey.

Lunch: Toast with Cream Cheese and Sunflower Sprouts.  I simply toasted a piece of good whole wheat bread, spread a little light cream cheese on, and added sunflower sprouts (I love these sprouts the best!!!).  So good and very fast and easy.

Dinner: Thanksgiving Dinner in March.  I had a turkey in the freezer, and my family decided we would all get together for a late (or early!) Thanksgiving get-together.  What fun the evening turned out to be!  I cooked the turkey with a very simple bread cube, celery, onion, spices, and turkey stock stuffing.  I also cooked Ohio sweet corn from my freezer.  Everyone in the family contributed something (mashed potatoes, rutabaga, asparagus, salad, cooked greens, home-made bread, etc).  The 20 of us had a blast, and dinner was oh so good!!!  Dessert was apple pie, and Mrs. Peacock’s Almond Brittle!  Thanks to my sister for hosting all of us!

*Note to self – make turkey more often!!!