Breakfast: 2 cups of coffee with honey.

Lunch: Banana with Yogurt.  I love bananas, and when sliced on top of plain yogurt, I like them even more.  I sprinkled flax chips over top for a healthy crunch!

Dinner: Lemon Sole with Steamed Cauliflower.  Lemon Sole (US wild caught) is a favorite of mine – mild with a great texture.  I love when it is available.  Tonight, I simply sprinkled it with Murray River Salt and fresh ground black pepper, and pan-fried in a mix of butter and olive oil.  While the fish was cooking, I steamed cauliflower and when done, seasoned with Spike.  When the fish was done, I plated and then squeezed fresh lemon juice over top, along with a bit of fresh chopped parsley. Really good!!!!

Lemon Sole with Parsley

Snack: Mrs. Peacock’s Almond Brittle