Foodieforager’s Finds:   A Fiesta with Casa Fiesta Taco Shells 

I readily admit to not using hard taco shells very often, as I prefer soft tacos or the traditional flat corn tortillas even more.  My sister-in-law, on the other hand, loves hard taco shells, and as she is so sweet to have us over fairly regularly for taco night, hard shells it is!  The brands she buys are the common ones found on every store shelf in America.  The other night I told her that I would bring the shells, along with some beer, of course!  Determined to try something else, I headed to the store to do my foraging, and came across Casa Fiesta shells.  Imagine my thrill to alter taco night ever so slightly! 

Casa Fiesta Taco Shells


All natural, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives…and on sale!  Of course I bought them, and here is the verdict.  Awesome!  We all loved the taste, and even though they are a little more delicate than those other well-known brands, none of us minded, and Foodieforager actually preferred.  I did not mind that they crumbled a bit on the plate, as the texture was so crunchy and light, and the flavor superior.  I highly recommend you give them a try.  

Foodieforager’s Finds:  Casa Fiesta Taco Shells are a “Must Buy” .