Foodieforager’s Finds:  Green Almonds….and more morels!  

So today was one of those great days!  Good news, good weather, and good finds!!  First, a quick walk in the woods and morels were found.  Then a grocery stop to do more foraging (yes, it can be done in a store!).  They were just putting out fresh green almonds, and if you have never been lucky enough to try, you must!!   

Green Almonds....and Morels!


As the season is short, and these almonds were right in between, some were eaten without peeling, others, shell and all!  I mixed sea salt, chili pepper, and a dash of sugar in one bowl, and olive oil in a second.  I dipped the almond in the oil and then the salt mixture.  Oh joy!!  Fresh earthy flavor, crunchy, tangy.  My kind of snack 🙂  

Green Almonds


Tomorrow I will take the remaining almonds and shave them over a salad.  I can’t wait!  These are one of those yummy finds only available for about 5-7 weeks.   

Foodieforager’s Finds: Green Almonds a “Must Try”.