Grilled Shishito Peppers


Grilled Shishito


I am a pepper fanatic, no question about it!  The fanatic side, though, has been biased to hot – and I mean HOT peppers like Scotch Bonnets, Devil’s Tongue, etc.  So imagine my delight and surprise when I discovered these gems (not hot!!!) a couple of years ago while dining in Las Vegas.  

These peppers are green, thin-skinned, 2-4 inches long and mild. OK so maybe (?) some might think there is a tiny bite, but I just find them packed with flavor, not heat.  Anyway, if you are lucky enough to get a hold of these from a local market, or if you grow your own, as I do, here is a quick and tasty way to enjoy!  We enjoyed these last night with dinner.   

Grilled Shishito:  Wash, brush with a small bit of olive oil, and throw on the grill.  Cook until lightly charred, and once plated,  immediately sprinkle  with a nice finishing salt like Cyprus Black or Himalayan Pink.  Squeeze fresh lime over top, and enjoy!!!! Oh so good.  Trust me!!!