It’s a Wrap – Tofu, Fava and Beet Greens in one!!

My Kind of Wrap!


 I am a wrapper, no question about it!! This wrap came about using leftovers, something I do quite often.  Today, I used beet greens from the garden, tofu, and a favorite – fava beans.  I topped this creation with a VERY hot sauce, but the level of heat you use is up to you! 


  • Firm Tofu, Cubed – quickly stir-fried with a dash of light soy and Ponzu Sudachi Citus Marinade Sauce
  • Fresh Shelled Fava Beans – steamed
  • Beet Greens – steamed, drained thoroughly, and lightly peppered
  • Hot Sauce – I used a sauce from a recent trip – Susie’s Hot Sauce
  • Flour Burrito Wrap

I steamed the Burrito, and then layered each ingredient to fit.  No real recipe  here, just what fit in the wrapper.  I sprinkled the hot sauce over the mixture, and then rolled.  This only needed a liquid to cool my tongue, but can tell you that the freshens of the greens and beans, combined with the tofu, made for a delightful meal!!