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Chicken of the Woods Casserole   


I really enjoy wild mushrooms, and foraging for them is a hobby of mine!  This is a recently found beauty – Chicken of the Woods – aptly named because once prepared the texture and taste is very much like chicken!   

A good, young Chicken of the Woods is soft and tender, as this one was (size is not an indicator). If the mushroom is a little older it will be hard and woody. You can still use the tips of the mushroom as these are usually softer (parboiling will help).   

After cleaning the mushroom thoroughly, you should be able to tear it into small pieces. If you can do this, the mushroom should be tender enough to eat after cooking.   

I made a “chicken” casserole by simply sauteing the mushroom pieces in olive oil.   


I then mixed the mushrooms into cooked pasta, tossed in butter, shredded jack cheese, parmesan cheese, fresh chopped garlic, salt and…

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