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Hot Peppers from my Garden!

Ghost Peppers, Scotch Bonnets of various colors, Beni Highland, Habanero’s, Lemon Drop, Bishop’s Crown….to name a few!!!


Nature provides us with the most amazing bounties, and fresh Oyster Mushrooms are one of those treats!!  The recent rains brought out these beauties!!!  I came across them while walking behind my house en route to the community pool.  I literally picked several pounds – all from one log – and will be sharing with friends and families.  My kitchen has the distinct Oyster Mushroom aroma right now, which beats any artificial aroma any day.  Oh the good things in life!!  I will post recipes and more pictures tomorrow.

Oyster Mushrooms

Foodieforager’s Finds: Fresh Spring Salad

I love spring for so many reasons! One of the biggest is because of the fresh salads that can be created – most right from your own yard! The nice thing about a spring salad is that you do not need a large yard to create and enjoy! The bulk of this salad came from pots on my patio (spinach, lettuce, nasturtium, celery leaves), and the raspberries from vines along the back of my condo. The goat cheese came from Mackenzie Creamery here in Cleveland, Ohio, and the tomatoes (from southern Ohio) came from a local farmer’s market here in Cleveland. As for the vinaigrette, I had recently picked fresh basil and steeped in an organic white wine vinegar for a couple of days. I then strained, and sprinkled over the goodies with a dash of olive oil. I salted and peppered to taste. Ah….the flavors!! Fresh, sweet, tangy!! The best part? Healthy, flavorful, fresh, easy, and mostly local!

I have no ties to these guys, just love what they are doing! I consider this a great foodieforager find! Check it out…

Yak Burgers

I came across Yak meat at our local grocery store last week, and had to try.  We decided on Yak Burgers, and were very happy! All at dinner decided that Yak would become a new part of our diet.  This meat was sweet and had no gaminess whatsoever.  Very lean, its delicate, delicious flavor comes from its unique distribution of fatty acid percentages. Domestically raised, Yak is lower in fat than salmon. This is accomplished on a grass/forage diet, with no grain, hormone, steroid, or antibiotic feed supplements.

Do not overcook the burgers! Apparently roasts and cuts with connective tissue need a longer cooking time (although the meat is juicy and tender, the connective tissue is quite tough).

Give Yak a try! You won’t be disappointed!

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