Tomatillo and Pepita Dip

Tomatillo and Pepita Dip



3 fresh tomatillos – husks removed
1/2 cup shelled raw pumpkin seeds (pepitas)
2 medium cloves garlic, peeled
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1/3 cup almond oil
1/2 cup lightly packed fresh cilantro
1/2 teaspoon  Murray River salt
Tortilla chips or sliced cucumber


1. Put tomatillos in a small pan and broil 4 to 6 in. from heat, turning once, until skins are lightly charred, 5 to 7 minutes.

2. In a small, heavy skillet over medium heat, toast pumpkin seeds until golden brown, 2 to 4 minutes.

3. In a blender or food processor, mix tomatillos, pumpkin seeds, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, cilantro, and salt until combined but still slightly chunky. Scrape into a small bowl; add more salt to taste. Serve with chips or sliced cucumbers.


Green Tomato Pizza

Green Tomato Pizza

I still have a lot of green tomatoes left, so decided that Green Tomato Pizza was going to be on the menu last night!  Fast, easy, and tasty – I highly recommend it if you have a basketful of green tomatoes to use.

  • Store bought pizza dough (of course, you can make your own!)
  • 6 green tomatoes, sliced. Number might vary depending on size
  • 4 ounces shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 2 ounces fresh goat cheese, crumbled
  • 2 tbsp fresh basil, coarsely chopped
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • garlic salt and pepper to taste

Preheat over to 400 degrees. Grease a 12″ pizza pan, and roll out dough to approximately 13″. Move dough to pan. Place one layer of green tomatoes on the dough, sprinkle with a layer of cheese and some olive oil, and salt and pepper.  Repeat the layer once or twice to your liking, and top with the crumbled goat cheese.  Bake for 20 minutes and enjoy!!

Mrs. Peacock’s Peanut Brittle at!!!!

Avocado and Tomatillo Dip with Goat Cheese  

Avocado and Tomatillo Dip with Goat Cheese


  •  1 medium, ripe avocado
  • 3 raw tomatillos, outer skins removed and coarsely chopped
  • 1 1/2 tbsp fresh lime juice
  • Dash or two of Busha Browne’s Pukka Sauce (adjust to taste!)
  • onion powder, Murray River salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 oz goat cheese, plus one ounce to sprinkle over top

Mash avocado, and add remaining ingredients, adjusting salt and pepper to taste.  Top with remaining goat cheese and serve with your favorite cracker or salsa chip.

Zesty Corn Salad with Jalapeno, Lime and Radish

Zesty Corn Salad


4 ears of fresh corn, cooked for no more than a couple of minutes, cooled and removed from cob
2 T. fresh lime juice
1 1/2 tsp. honey
1 jalapeno – seeded and diced (I like to leave some seeds for added heat)
4 large radishes – shredded
1/4 small red onion- shredded
1/8 cup parsley – diced
1/2 tsp. cumin
Himalayan salt and pepper to taste

Mix all of the ingredients except the corn.  Pour the dressing over corn, mixing well.  Add more lime juice, salt and pepper, to taste. Refrigerate before serving.  Serves 4.

Foodieforager’s Garden – Scotch Bonnet Peppers 

Yellow Scotch Bonnet Peppers


The first Scotch Bonnets of the season are ready!  This is but one of many plants (this one I brought in over the past winter, thus the earlier fruiting than my others).  Looking forward to the fresh, HOT, fruity taste that I so crave over the winter months!  Not sure whether these will be enjoyed in their purest form – sliced with a dash of salt  – or used in a dish.  Yum!!!

Garden Cucumber and Pea Salad 

Fresh picked cucumbers are wonderful, as are peas!  I combined the two and a simple side salad was created. Fast, easy, and fresh.  A perfect combination. 

Cucumber and Pea Salad


I quite simply sliced fresh cucumbers and added sour cream mixed with a bit of lemon juice to coat.  I tossed in fresh picked peas, and topped with my all-time favorite finishing salt – Cyprus Black Lava salt.  This salt added nice color and a delicate crunch.  Give it a try of you have not!!!  The pyramid-shaped crystals are quite unique.

Foodieforager Finds: Chanterelles a plenty!! It was a great walk in the woods – picked these in under 15 minutes!!!




Dinner last night was simple – chanties and sliced onions sautéed in olive oil and butter, with a dash of Murray River Salt!  So good. I love this foraging season!!!

Simple is Best - Chanterelles in Pasta

Chicken of the Woods Casserole   

Chicken of the Woods Mushroom


I really enjoy wild mushrooms, and foraging for them is a hobby of mine!  This is a recently found beauty – Chicken of the Woods – aptly named because once prepared the texture and taste is very much like chicken!   

A good, young Chicken of the Woods is soft and tender, as this one was (size is not an indicator). If the mushroom is a little older it will be hard and woody. You can still use the tips of the mushroom as these are usually softer (parboiling will help).   

After cleaning the mushroom thoroughly, you should be able to tear it into small pieces. If you can do this, the mushroom should be tender enough to eat after cooking.   

I made a “chicken” casserole by simply sauteing the mushroom pieces in olive oil.   

pan cooking Chicken of the Woods Mushroom


I then mixed the mushrooms into cooked pasta, tossed in butter, shredded jack cheese, parmesan cheese, fresh chopped garlic, salt and pepper.  I baked at 350 for 20 minutes.  Yummy!!!   

 This is such a great mushroom, but only eat wild mushrooms if you know what you are doing!   

Chicken of the Woods Casserole



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