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Hot Peppers from my Garden!

Ghost Peppers, Scotch Bonnets of various colors, Beni Highland, Habanero’s, Lemon Drop, Bishop’s Crown….to name a few!!!


Foodieforager’s Garden – Scotch Bonnet Peppers 

Yellow Scotch Bonnet Peppers


The first Scotch Bonnets of the season are ready!  This is but one of many plants (this one I brought in over the past winter, thus the earlier fruiting than my others).  Looking forward to the fresh, HOT, fruity taste that I so crave over the winter months!  Not sure whether these will be enjoyed in their purest form – sliced with a dash of salt  – or used in a dish.  Yum!!!

Foodieforager’s Finds:  Haddon House Hot Pepper Stuffed Olives

If you like olives, and if you like heat, these are for you!  These stuffed olives are amazingly great.  Everyone that tried them in our taste test enjoyed, although one person did find them too hot (yes, they have a kick!).

Haddon House Hot Pepper Stuffed Spanish Olives are from Spain. Vodka’s special little friend, these stuffed olives pack a punch.  They are great on their own or in your favorite martini.  I am addicted to this perfect combination of salt and heat, and find myself grabbing the jar for a quick snappy snack during the day.

Foodieforager’s Finds:  Haddon House Hot Pepper Stuffed Olives a “Must Buy”.


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