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Recently foraged Morels


These are a favorite find of mine! Cooked in butter with ramps, Holly’s Sea Salt and pepper – there is nothing finer.



Breakfast:  1 cup of coffee.

Lunch: Egg Sandwich and Grapefruit.  Busy day so we had a simple fried egg sandwich cooked in olive oil. The real treat was the bread I used from the Boule Bakery in Plymouth, MI.  We love their cheddar jalapeño bread….amazing.  Had fresh grapefruit on the side.

Dinner:  Pho again, as I had leftover sprouts and meat from the other day. It was a hit!   Used the rest of my beef broth. Brought to a boil and added a small amount of  pureed lemon grass (1 tsp) to the pan and a bit of cinnamon.  I then added rice noodles. Meanwhile I had sliced several very thin pieces of  beef top round, sprinkled with garlic powder and added 2 tbsp of Aloha Shoyu.  Once the noodles were cooked, I added the soup to a large bowl, stirred in the sliced beef, and topped the mixture off with fresh bean sprouts and one green onion. I love fresh lime in my Pho, so squeezed a generous amount in the soup.  Glenn spiced his up with Clancy’s Fancy Hot Sauce. We enjoyed smoked Gouda cheese with Sesmark Rice Crackers as an appetizer.

Snack: Glenn makes great popcorn!  Could not resist 🙂

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